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Why today can suck my dick.

Things that went wrong today:

1. My gynecologist called in sick today, the one day in 3 months i’ve been able to get an appointment that works with my schedule. So I still have to go in at 9am to wait an hour to get a small birth control refill versus a years worth.

2. Friend and his new girlyfriend want to crash here tonight, but I have to be up at 6:30am to go to class. The fiance is not happy about this.

3. The two new rear tires for my car turned out to be $100 more expensive than the original quote because “they aren’t on special anymore.”

4. Go to pay vehicle tax and renew plates- bitch at the desk thinks i’m talking about last year’s taxes and won’t do it.

5. The clear coat on my car has been peeling on one fender for a while now. Today I discovered it’s peeling on the opposite side of the damn car for no apparent reason.

6. Neflix still won’t fucking work. It’s been giving us trouble for 3 days.

And I still have to go to a class tonight taught by an adjunct teacher who has no idea what the fuck she’s doing.

I am fucking done.

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